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The fluorescent properties of several natural benzofuran derivatives, egonols, isolated from {\it Styrax officinalis}, were determined. The studied egonol derivatives were found to be effective UV organic luminophores, with quantum yields of near to unity, \( \varphi_{f} \) = 0.92. The fluorescence quenching experiments with electron donor molecules of aniline, N,N-dimethylaniline and carbazolocarbazole, presented very high efficiency of quenching at above diffusion quenching rates of 4.5$\times$10\( ^{10} \), 2.1$\times$10\( ^\times \) and 5.6$\times$10\( ^{12} \) s\( ^{-1} \)mol\( ^{-1} \), respectively. A strong electron acceptor molecule, tetranitrofluorenone, presented quenching rate of 2.6$\times$10\( ^{11} \) s\( ^{-1} \)mol\( ^{-1} \). It is concluded that the first excited singlet state of egonol molecule is a more efficient electron acceptor.


Fluorescence emission, Styrax officinalis, egonol, benzofuran, fluorescence quantum yields, fluorescence quenching.

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