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The primers of the 10 commonly used cartridges in Turkey, MKE MP5, GECO Luger, FC Luger, WIN Luger, S&B Luger, WRA Luger, FNB Luger, P Luger, KF 80 Luger and SINTOX ACTION Luger were first examined with a SEM/EDXA. Then these cartridges used in test firings and the GSR on the hands of the test shooters was collected using adhesive-coated sample stubs and examined with a SEM/EDXA. Samples were scanned by viewing the BSE (Backscattered electron) image and, brighter and spherical particles were located, and then analysed with an EDXA. The elemental compositions of the GSR of the studied cartridges were found to be compatible with the elemental compositions of their primers. The GSR results showed the following elemental distribution according to individual cartridges; PbSbBa, SbBa, PbSb, PbBa, PbSnBa, SnBa (Pb), BaCaSi, Pb, Ba, Sb, TiZn and Hg.


Gunshot residue, Particles, SEM-EDXA, Forensic Science.

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