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The electrochemical behaviour of linear alklybenzene sulfonate (LAS) on Pt electrodes was investigated in 0.05M Na_2SO_4 and in 0.1M NaCl at pH=8 by the potentiokinetic method and by electrolysis. The anodic and cathodic semilogarithmic current-potential curves were obtained between -1.6V - +1.6V. The experimental discharge potentials were determined by means of current-potential-curves obtained by electrolysis between 0-3V. The percentages of surface active material remaining in the solution after specified periods (0-6hrs) were determined for different initial concentrations of LAS (30, 150, 300 ppm) by using a potentiostat at +1.6V and by applying a potential of 20V via a direct current source. The concentrations of LAS in the solution were determined with a UV spectrophotometer. The results indicate that when a potential of 20V is applied on the electrodes the concentrations of surface active materials (LAS) decrease by 40-50% at the end of 6 hours in 0.05M Na_2SO_4 solution.

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