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Polymerizations of pyrrole and thiophene on a platinum foil coated by polyethylene adipate (PEA) were carried out in acetonitrile by electrochemical methods. Different compositions of semi-conducting composite films of PEA/Polypyrrole(PPy), PEA/Polythiophene(PT) were prepared by the electrochemical polymerization of pyrrole and thiophene on PEA electrode. The polymerization was possible only for a certain thickness of the polyethylene adipate(PEA) on the platinum. Conductivities of PEA/PPy, PEA/PT, films at different compositions were obtained. The films were examined by FTIR spectroscopy. The topography of surface films were analyzed by a scanning electron microscope(SEM). The conductivity behaviour of (PEA/PPy), (PEA/PT) films at different compositions when exposed to Ar, N$_2$, C$_3$H$_8$ and H$_2$ gases indicated that these films cannot be used as gas sensors.


Polyethylene adipate, Polyethylene adipate / Polypyrrole composite, Polyethylene adipate / Polypyrrole composite.

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