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In this study, the binding of a basic dye such as basic brown 1 [BB 1] onto a crosslinked poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) [CPVP] was investigated. Adsorption of the azo dye onto the CPVP was studied by the batch adsorption technique at 25^{\circ}C. In adsorption experiments a Langmuir type (L) adsorption was found with respect to the Giles classification system. Binding parameters such as initial binding constant (K_{i}), equilibrium constant {\it (K)}, monolayer coverage (n), site-size (u), and maximum fractional occupancy (\hat{\theta}), and thermodynamic parameters such as heat of adsorption (\Delta H), free energy of adsorption (\Delta G) and entropy of adsorption (\Delta S) for the CPVP/BB 1 system were calculated by using Klotz, Scatchard, and Langmuir linearization methods.


crosslinked poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone), basic brown 1, binding, adsorption isotherm

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