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The V_{2}O_{5}/TiO_{2}(A) catalysts were prepared by the grafting and their Br\"{o}nsted and Lewis acid sites were investigated with pyridine adsorption by using FTIR Spectroscopy. The results obtained showed that monolayer or less coverage of the surface of the support, TiO_{2}(A), took place up to V_{2}O_{5} content of 11.88 \%. When V_{2}O_{5} amount was higher then 11.88 \%, the support was covered as multilayer. Pyridine adsorption studies showed that the number of the Lewis acid sites of the V_{2}O_{5}/TiO_{2}(A) catalysts decreased with increasing of V_{2} O_{5} amount. The number of the Br\"{o}nsted acid sites increased with increasing V_{2}O_{5} content, reached a maximum at 11.88 wt. \% of V_{2} O_{5} and then began to decrease with increased V_{2}O_{5} content.


V_{2}O_{5}/TiO_{2}(A) catalyst, Lewis acid site, Br\"{o}nsted acid site, pyridine adsorption

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