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Burn wounds are frequently encountered health problems, which need a new treatment approach especially in terms of good patient compliance. Availability of use of antioxidant agents and bio-adhesive gels in tissue healing can be an alternative as a new approach for wound healing. Antioxidant taurine containing bio-adhesive gels were prepared by using carbopol (CP) 940 and 934. Rheological and texture analyses were carried out on bio-adhesive gels for in vitro characterization. Wound model on Wistar rats was used to evaluate the in vivo evaluation of gels. Rheological and texture analyses showed that a carbopol bioadhesive gel has acceptable topically use dosage characteristics and in combination with Taurine it presented a successful wound healing effect via antioxidant parameters. In conclusion, bio-adhesive CP 940 (2%) gel containing 50 mM taurine could be promising in the treatment of burns by balancing oxidative stress.


Taurine, antioxidant, bio-adhesive gel, burn wound model

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