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Various elicitors have already been reported to enhance the production of taxol and related taxanes. In this study, effects of a fungal metabolite, squalestatin, on production of taxol and baccatin III were studied. Expressions of 4 key involved genes, ts, dbat, bapt, and dbtnbt, in suspension cultures of Taxus baccata were also detected using qPCR. Results showed that application of squalestatin significantly increased taxol and baccatin III yields. Increased expressions of the genes were in accordance with measures of taxol and baccatin accumulations in cells and medium. Production of H_{2}O_{2} has significant positive correlations with both gene expression and taxanes, indicating that the increase in H_{2}O_{2} might be involved in the upregulation of the taxane production in yew under squalestatin treatment. Our results suggest that H_{2}O_{2} is a key signaling component in the stimulation of taxane production in T. baccata cells induced by squalestatin.


Baccatin, cell suspension, H_{2}O_{2}, squalestatin, taxol

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