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Deg5 and Deg8 are chloroplastic proteases found in Arabidopsis thaliana. These proteases participate in the repair of photosystem II. However, little information exists on the structures of Deg5 and Deg8. Here, the Deg5 and Deg8 structures were modeled using the SWISS-MODEL tool with Deg1 as the structural template. Deg5 was composed of only 1 domain, a protease domain. The catalytic triad of Deg5, which comprises His147, Asp188, and Ser266, was located in the cleft between 2 \beta-barrels. Deg8 was composed of a protease domain at the N-terminal and a PDZ domain at the C-terminal. The catalytic triad of Deg8, which comprises His171, Asp214, and Ser292, was also located in the cleft between 2 \beta-barrels.


Deg protease, serine protease, domain, catalytic triad, photosystem II

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