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In this study, 114 Rhizoctonia solani isolates were obtained from diseased common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) plants from the Black Sea coastal region of Turkey. Genetic variation was determined among R. solani anastomosis group 4 (AG-4) subgroups (AG-4 HG-I and AG-4 HG-II). ITS-5.8 rDNA sequences of these isolates were aligned with other known R. solani sequences from GenBank, and distance and parsimony analysis were used to determine phylogenetic relationships. The R. solani AG-4 isolates were placed in 2 main lineages, corresponding to AG-4 HG-I and AG-4 HG-II. Based on phylogenetic analysis, genetic variations were shown in the AG-4 subgroups (especially AG-4 HG-I). This study represents the first reported use of rDNA-ITS sequence data to examine AG-4 HG-I and HG-II in P. vulgaris from Turkey. The results also suggest that the Giresun isolates are closely related to isolates obtained from Italy.


rDNA-ITS phylogeny, Rhizoctonia solani, AG-4, Phaseolus vulgaris, common bean

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