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The seedlessness-related molecular markers VMC7f2, SCC8, and SCF27 were used for the early selection of seedless individuals in the Muscat of Hamburg (seeded) × Sultani (seedless) progeny of 314 F1 hybrids. The DNA from F1 hybrids was amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using 3 markers. After digestion of the SCC8 marker PCR amplification products by restriction enzyme Bgl II, 72 individuals showed homozygous SCC8+/SCC8+ alleles at the seed development inhibitor locus, 76 individuals of the progeny amplified with the SCF27 marker produced 2.0-kb bands, and 118 individuals with seedlessness-related 198-bp alleles amplified with the VMC7f2 marker were selected as seedless grapevine candidates. Based on marker-assisted selection, 190 F1 hybrids were designated as seedless grapevine candidates since they carried a minimum of 1 seedlessness-related allele, and the 124 F1 hybrids were removed from the seedless grapevine breeding studies. A total of 13 individuals that carried alleles for the 3 markers associated with seedlessness were selected as genetic resources for future studies on seedless grapevine breeding.


Grapevine, marker-assisted selection, seedlessness

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