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For the cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.) P.Kumm. wheat stalk (WS), cotton stalk (CS), millet stalk (MS), and soybean stalk (SS) were used as the main material and oven-dried lentil straw (LS) was used as an additive material 100:10, 100:15, 100:20 w:w in weight for 100 g of main material (70% moisture). The shortest mycelium growing time (MGT) was 10.2 days, on the SS, while the longest was 18.8 days, on the CS. The shortest first harvest time (FHT) was 30 days, on SS + LS (90:10; w:w), and the longest was 46.4 days, on CS + LS (100:20; w:w). The shortest total harvest time (THT) was as 62.6 days, on SS + LS (100:20; w:w), and the longest was 83.8 days, on CS + LS (100:10; w:w) culture medium. The highest total harvest amount was 49.9 g, from SS + LS (100:20; w:w), while the lowest was 14.3 g, obtained from CS. The highest biologic efficiency degree (BED) and biologic conversion ratio (BCR) values were obtained from SS + LS (100:20; w:w), 166.18% and 16.53%, respectively. The highest first harvest amount percentage (FHAP) was on WS + LS (100:15; w:w), 62.83%; the highest second harvest amount percentage (SHAP) was obtained from SS + LS (100:15; w:w) compost medium, 38.60%; and the highest third harvest amount percentage (THAP) value was 26.92%, on the CS culture medium.


Pleurotus ostreatus, biologic efficiency degree, biologic conversion ratio, mushroom yield, mycelium growing time, primordial formation time

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