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The cells at the tip of the roots of germinated seeds of Vicia galileae were caryologycally examined and the chromosome number was found to be 2n=14. The strach grains were observed in the epidermis, endothecium and middle layer cells in the early development phases of the anther walls. Normal mitotic divisions were observed in the glandular type tapetum. Also it was observed that meiotic divisions in most of the microspore mother cells were regular and irregularities were only 1- 2%. Polarization which occurred normally in pollen mitosis and the divison stages were clearly observed. It was noted that pollens were germinated in the anther locus (microsporangium). During the pollen germination in situ the behaviour of the nuclei in the pollen grains were different in this species. The vegetative nucleus was always situated away from the germ pore while the generative nucleus was closer to it. In addition to the usual development of pollen tubes, the boating of the pollen tube tip, tubes without nuclei or undeveloped, weak tubes were observed. This was the first report on the cytoembroyological properties of V. galileae.


Vicia galileae, Anther wall, Microsporogenesis, Pollen mitosis, Pollen germination ( in situ).

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