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We investigated the effects of bioactive compounds obtained from fruits of Diospyros kaki L., Cydonia oblonga Mill. and roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra L., as well as their action in a complex mixture on the mutability in marrow cell chromosomes induced by genotoxicants (X-rays, N-Methyl-N-Nitrosurea, Cyclophosphamide) and aging. The plant products tested separately and in a complex mixture showed an ability to decrease the frequency of induced mutations in experimental animals. Antimutagenic properties of the complex mixture turned out to be considerably higher than its components separately. More antimutagenic activity of the mixture was revealed when mutagenesis was the result of X-rays and aging. The administration of this mixture was included in a therapy program of a group of volunteers with a high level of chromosome aberrations in lymphocytes, caused by acute pesticide intoxication. Administration of the mixed antimutagens decreased the level of aberrations to control values.


antimutagen, anticarcinogen, environmental genotoxicants, aging, acute intoxication, therapy of genetic complications.

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