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Cells require protein synthesis to perform the adhesion function properly. In order to dis-cover the effect of endogenous protein synthesis on CHL cell adhesion; the adhesion strengths of cul-tured Chinese Hamster Lung (CHL) cells that were grown for 24 hours on the glass surface in the pres-ence of 1µgml -1 of cycloheximide or emetine or, both were measured quantitatively using a converg-ing laminar flow chamber. The inhibition of protein synthesis by above drug(s) reduced cell adhesion strength significantly. Hence critical shear stress of detachment of cell were 8.68±1.52 Nm -2 , 8.13±1.48Nm -2 , and 6.57±1.01Nm -2 , respectively. While that of the control cells was 14.40±1.20Nm -2 . Before subculturing CHL cells in the presence of these drug(s), pre-treatment of cells with the same protein synthesis inhibitor even further reduced cell adhesion strength. Thus with pre-treatment of cycloheximide, emetine, both emetine and cycloheximide critical shear stress of detachment of cells were 3.24±0.73Nm -2 , 2.51±0.41Nm -2 , and 2.18±0.47Nm -2 , respectively. These results indicate that cells requires protein synthesis to gain possible maximum adhesion strength.


CHL cell, cell adhesion, protein synthesis, emetine, cycloheximide.

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