Turkish Journal of Biology

Kinetic Relationships Among Normal, Tumoral and Regenerative Growths


Seyhan ALTUN




Mitotic and labelling index in bone marrow for normal growth, percentage of regeneration, DNA distribution and labelling index in partially hepatectomized liver for regenerative growth, and growth rate, DNA distribution and labelling index in EAT cells for tumoral growth were examined in mice. According to the changes in cell kinetics, how these three types of growth affected each other were examined. Normal growth was found to be stimulated by regenerative growth either alone or with tumoral growth and was inhibited by tumoral growth alone. Thus, regenerative growth is thought to have a dominant effect according to the tumoral growth. Contrarily, tumoral growth had a stimulative effect on regenerative growth and regenerative growth had an inhibitory effect on tumoral growth.


Mouse, Liver, Bone Marrow, EAT, Regenerative Growth, Normal Growth, Tumoral Growth, Cell Kinetics.

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