Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences




Cryptographic test methods such as avalanche, strict avalanche and bit independence criteria, which measure the degree of security of the s-boxes of substitution-permutation networks, are applied to randomly generated ensembles of ( n \times n \) s-boxes. Statistical analysis of experimental data directs the work towards defining ``relative errors'' and examining the avalanche and strict avalanche criteria within ``relative error ranges''. Histograms of relative errors in each ensemble are evaluated, and combining the results of different ensembles corresponding to different values of the s-box size, variations of maximum relative errors versus the size of the s-box are depicted. Some predictions follow that the larger the s-box size, the more probable that these criteria are satisfied; thus it is possible to form more secure substitution-permutation networks. Correlations among the test criteria are also evaluated in random ensembles to find out to what extent those criteria measure different cryptographic aspects of s-boxes.

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