Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Observation of Prebreakdown Phenomena and Measurement of Dielectric Constant under Microwave Transformer Oils Frequencies in the Mixture of PCB and PXE




The electrical properties such as discharge development under a high voltage impulse having -40 kV crest value and dielectric constant under microwave frequency have been investigated for commercial transformer oil polychlorinated biphenly (PCB) and its mixtures with phenyl-xylene ethane (PXE). The prebreakdown phenomena has been observed by the fast photographing shadowgraph technique. The oneshot photographs have been taken for multiples of 5 nanoseconds delay time. Blumlein Cable Generator is designed and used to create a signal with very short rise time. A point cathode-plane anode system is used to observe the prebreakdown under -40 kV of impulse excitation. The gap distance is taken as 2 mm. and pulse duration as 188 nanoseconds. The dielectric constant of the mixture is experimentally measured between 8.5 GHz and 10 GHz frequencies.

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