Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Multihop Lightwave Network Design




Multihop lightwave networks are proposed for exploiting the large bandwidth of optical fiber. In these networks, each node has a fixed number of transmitters and receivers connected to a common optical medium. A multihop topology is implemented logically by assigning different wavelengths to pairs of transmitters and receivers. The problem of designing a multihop lightwave network takes the form of selecting the connection diagram (wavelength assignment), and partitioning the flow to accomodate each element of the node-to-node traffic intensity matrix among the links created by the connectivity diagram. We devised a new algorithm for the design of multihop lightwave networks by using Vogel's approximation method and simulated annealing utilization on any link. We tested the performance of the new algorithm on various example problems and compared its results with those of the existing solution techniques.

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