Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

A fast Parallel Skeletonization Algorithm on Block Represented Binary Images




This paper describes a binary image representation scheme, which is called Image Block Representation and presents a new skeletonization algorithm, which is fast implemented on block represented binary images. The main purpose of the Image Block Representation is to provide an efficient binary image representation that permits the execution of operations on image areas instead of image points. The skeletonization algorithm operates in four subiterations: each subiteration deletes the north, the south, the west and the east boundary points, respectively. Due to the substitution of the boundary points by the blocks' boundary points, the relevant operations are performed fast, while preserving the end points and the object connectivity. Keywords: Image Block Representation, Skeletonization, Thinning.


Image Block Representation, Skeletonization, Thinning.

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