Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Determination of the Orientation of Cylindrical Bodies Buried in a Slab by the Use of Scattering Data




Electromagnetic inverse scattering problems related to cylindrical bodies with arbitrary cross-section were extensively investigated in the open literature by assuming that the orientation of the body is known beforehand. In these cases, by choosing the coordinate system properly, one can reduce the problem to a two dimensional scalar one. The case where the orientation of the body is also unknown, which is extremely important from both theoretical and practical points of wiev, results inevitably in a three dimensional vector valued problem. The aim of this paper is to give a solution to the problem in the case of H-polarized incident field. In such a case, the properties of the Brewster's incidence which do not have the E-polarized plane waves, permit us to determine the orientation of the body from only two measurements. Once the orientation is obtained, the location, shape and constitutive parameters of the body can be recovered by using only one of the already known methods.

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