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This paper aims to put forward an analytical solution for tuning parameters of a fractional order PI (FOPI) controller for stable, unstable, and integrating processes with time delay. Following this purpose, the analytical weighted geometrical center (AWGC) method has been extended to the design of fractional order PI controllers. To apply AWGC, the stability equations of the closed-loop system are written in terms of process and fractional order PI controller parameters. With the proposed method, the centroid can be calculated analytically, and the controller parameters can be easily calculated without the need of repetitive drawings of the stability boundary regions. Additionally, analytical equations are derived to calculate fractional integral order, ?, using the integral of squared error (ISE) objective function. The proposed analytical equations are simple and time-saving which might attract controller engineers for applying them on the industrial level. To show the efficiency of the suggested method compared to the given methods in the literature, several simulation examples are considered. Comparisons between the reported methods are figured out in terms of unit step responses for nominal and perturbed cases. Also, rise time, settling time, maximum sensitivity (Ms), integral of squared error (ISE), and total variation (TV) values are considered to compare the performance and robustness issues. Also, a real-time application of an inverted pendulum setup is deemed to prove the feasibility of the suggested method.


Fractional order PI controller, stability equations, weighted geometrical center, integrating process, unstable process, time delay

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