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Object reidentification (ReID) in cluttered rigid scenes is a challenging problem especially when same-looking objects coexist in the scene. ReID is accepted to be one of the most powerful tools for matching the correct identities to each individual object when issues such as occlusion, missed detections, multiple same-looking objects coexisting in the same scene, and disappearance of objects from the view and/or revisiting the same region arise. We propose a novel framework towards more efficient object ReID, improved object reidentification (IO-ReID), to perform object ReID in challenging scenes with real-time processing in mind. The proposed approach achieves distinctive and efficient object embedding via training with the triplet loss, with input from both the foreground/background split by bounding box, and the full input image. With extensive experiments on two datasets serving for Object ReID, we demonstrate that the proposed method, IO-ReID, obtains a higher ReID accuracy and runs faster compared to the state-of-the-art methods on object ReID.


Object reidentification, image retrieval, triplet loss, embedding generation, ranking

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