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In view of the attractive features like improved torque density, reduction torque pulsation, superior fault tolerance, reduced power rating of voltage source converter, and sterling noise characteristics of six-phase asymmetrical induction motor (SPAIM) as compared to its three-phase counterpart, the SPAIM is considered for the study. In this paper, mathematical modelling of SPAIM is carried out in the synchronous reference frame and then indirect rotor field-oriented control (IRFOC) of SPAIM using a modified carrier wave-based space vector modulation (SVM) scheme is developed. A Simulink model of the proposed system configuration is developed and a simulation study is carried out. In order to validate the simulation results, a scaled prototype model of SPAIM rated for 2 HP, 4-pole, 200V is developed, and closed loop control of SPAIM drive with aforesaid modified SVM technique is implemented using TMS320F28379D controller board. The performance of the system is observed in several operating conditions with simulation studies using MATLAB/Simulink and test setup and various test results are recorded under several operating conditions and presented. Furthermore, the proposed SVM technique is compared with benchmarked SPWM and hysteresis current controller as well and it is observed that it outperforms traditional SPWM and hysteresis-based current controllers in terms of the distortion of stator currents and torque ripples.


Multiphase induction motor, modified SVM, direct torque control (DTC), IRFOC

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