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This study investigates a dual-band, aperture coupled and stacked elliptical patch antenna with conical radiation. To obtain such characteristics, the TM21 mode of the radiating elliptical patches is excited by utilizing two special apertures and shorting planes. The proposed antenna operates both at 2.45 GHz and 3.5 GHz. The design aims to be used indoor applications of 5G operating in both free and planned 5G bands, respectively. Therefore, the low-profile antenna element that has a monopole-like radiation pattern is a good candidate for two-dimensional arraying. The design steps and the evolution of the proposed antenna are presented in detail. The simulation and experimental results reveal many similarities regarding the scattering parameters, radiation patterns, and gain. The scattering parameter, S11 is less than -10 dB in both operating bands. Novelties of the proposed study are the configuration and choice of the apertures as well as stacking structure and miniaturization techniques in elliptical patches.


Antenna design, aperture, conical beam radiation, elliptical patch, mode analysis, stacked patch

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