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In this study, it is aimed to show how important to apply chaotic systems and Fuzzy Logic artificial intelligence technique to increase the production performance of industrial mixers used in agriculture in terms of important criteria such as product quality, homogeneity, time, and energy saving by using. A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controlled mixer whose all functions can be controlled by the HMI (Human Machine Interface) operator panel is designed and manufactured for experimental studies. Water, leonardite and potassium hydroxide (KOH) mixture components are mixed in a newly designed mixer in three different ways by using traditional, chaos, and artificial intelligence techniques in order to obtain liquid humic acid which is used as plant nutrition and soil modulator in agriculture. For the chaotic mixing option, chaotic systems with different dynamic features are chosen from the literature. After converting the time series values of chaotic systems to the frequency values with the program written on the PLC device, it is provided to rotate at variable speeds according to different chaotic systems of the mixer motor connected to the frequency inverter. Fuzzy Logic is chosen for the artificial intelligence mixing option. Fuzzy Logic membership functions and rules are established in accordance with the results of the chaotic systems mixing experiments and the data obtained from experts in humic acid production. Mixing experiments are carried out by using an interface program that makes the choice of chaotic systems and motor rotation speed range. By mixing humic acid components with traditional methods, the comparison is done in terms of product quality, solute ratio, pH values and total energy consumption. When the developed mixer is provided to operate with chaos and artificial intelligence methods, it is observed that more efficient results are obtained in terms of criteria such as product quality, homogeneity, time, and energy savings compared to the traditional mixing methods.


Artificial intelligence, chaos, chaotic systems, fuzzy logic, humic acid, mixer

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