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In this study, a new Broadband Double Ring Hole Element (BDHE) meta-surface absorber is studied to suppress EMI from PCB heatsink for 1-12 GHz covering L, S, C, and X bands. The proposed metamaterial-structure consists of resistances and 8 ring resonators, four of which are inner and four are outer that are configured to provide an absorbing effect. For broadband, numerical simulations show that an average of 65% absorption value is obtained between 4-12 GHz. It is determined that this value reached 69.84% by increasing the used resistance values (R = 150?). This value may be significant to reduce the EMI values to which PCB circuit elements are exposed. Also, when the incidence angle effect is examined, the absorption values of 90% at 10.1 GHz and 98% at 11 GHz for ?=15° can also be recommended for narrowband applications. On the other hand, for R = 50 ?, this value is 82% and 89%, respectively, in the 3-4 GHz and 9.9-11.5 GHz ranges. It can also be stated that the average E-field from the heatsink can be decreased with the location of the proposed metamaterial relative to the base and increased metamaterial dimensions. Finally, in the near-field region, the distance between metamaterial and the heatsink has no appreciable effect on the E-field.


Absorption rate, EMI, metasurface, PCB heatsinks

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