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The article presents the experimental results on the role of carbon quantum dots (CQD) covered silica nanofillers on the partial discharge (PD) properties of transformer oil insulation. The improvement in PD performance of nanofiller blend oil is tested with increased voltage gradient and nanofiller concentration. PD of nanoblend oils for various concentrations of modified silica ranging from 0 to 0.1%wt was measured. PD activity of the test samples is simulated in the laboratory with needle, rod and plane electrode geometry combinations. The facets of PD signals such as PD magnitude, PD inception and time duration of PD extracted from phase-resolved partial discharge patterns were analyzed. Detailed time-frequency domain evaluation of PD pulse is carried out. The enclosure of CQD-SiO2 nanostructures has considerably improved the inception voltage up to 23% than base transformer oil and SiO2 nanofluid. Magnitude of discharge is noticeably reduced by the influence of CQD-treated SiO2 nanoparticles in mineral oil irrespective of the electrode geometry.


Partial discharge, mineral oil, inception voltage, carbon quantum dots, Weibull distribution

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