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Multimicrogrid system is a novel notion in modern power systems as a result of developing renewable-based generation units and accordingly microgrids in distribution networks. Their energy management might be challenging due to presence of independent units. Thus, in this paper, a decentralized method for energy management of multimicrogrid systems has been proposed. Decentralized methods can enhance the privacy of users and reduce the burden of calculations. Alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) is selected as a decentralized approach which has the capability of breaking problems with complicating constraints in order to facilitate the solving process. Using decentralized approach not only reduces the burden of calculations, but also increases the privacy of entities. Wind turbines as renewable based generators are assumed to participate in this system. To model the uncertainties of these units, chance-constrained programming is employed. Also, due to clean output of hydrogen storage systems and fuel cells, the inclination for using these systems has expanded. Simulations on the test case study demonstrate the applicability and performance of the proposed methodology. Considering the reliability level as 0.9 results in 12, 989$ in the test case. By considering the reliability level as 0.8, the operational cost becomes 11, 712$ which shows a reduction of 1277$ which is achieved by jeopardizing the system reliability by 10%.


Stochastic programming, multimicrogrid systems, decentralized optimization, energy management, chance constrained programming, hydrogen storage system

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