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As the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) modules have their own specific characteristic switching forms, their turn-on and turn-off times are changed according to practical applications. For the conventional gate drives, gate resistors are used to adjust the turn-on and turn-off times which change switching losses that have a significant amount in total losses. Collector current rate of change, $di_{C}/ dt$ and collector-emitter rate of change, $dv_{CE}/ dt$ are dependent on each other and they affect operating parameters in high power converters. Relations between current and voltages during the switching transitions are given and effects of the changes in electrical parameters for the operation of IGBT are described. Thereafter, closed-loop gate drive with analog control that performs independent control of $di_{C}/ dt$ and $dv_{CE}/ dt$ of a new generation IGBT module platform for high power applications is proposed. Unlike conventional gate drives, proposed closed-loop drive makes constant $di_{C}/ dt$ possible while $dv_{CE}/ dt$ is decreased to increase the efficiency of the power conversion system. This leads to decrease of the switching losses without changing the electromagnetic interference (EMI), IGBT voltage, and current stresses which are related with the rate of change of collector current. Simulations are performed in a double pulse test circuit in which new package next high power density dual (nHPD$^{2}$) family MBM450FS33F Hitachi dual IGBT with 3300V 450A ratings is modelled.


Closed-loop gate drive, insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), switching losses, turn-on and turn-off energy

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