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In this article, a dual-band compact quasi-Yagi antenna with defected ground structure (DGS) is proposed. The proposed antenna has a simple feeding mechanism consists of a microstrip and transmission line. Half of the driver and director elements are printed on the opposite side of the substrate to ensure good coupling between the antenna elements and achieve a stable radiation pattern. The ground plane is modified with one rectangular slot below the microstrip line to form dual-band operation. Also rectangular slots placed on the sides of the ground plane to improve the matching. The proposed antenna works at $f_{1}=3.35$ and $f_{2}=6.15$ GHz, respectively. The antenna efficiency is above $88\%$ at $f_{1}$ and $78\%$ at $f_{2}$ with bandwidths of $11.8\%$ and $9.7\%$, respectively. The realized gain is around $4.3$ dBi at both frequency range with an end-fire radiation characteristics. An excellent agreement is observed between the simulation and measurement results. The proposed antenna is suitable for dual-band operations in wireless communications systems.


Dual-band antennas, quasi-Yagi, planar antennas, defected ground structure (DGS)

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