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A point-to-point (P2P) communication system based on the CPM-DSSS scheme ensures reliability, security, and antijamming capabilities. However, for reliable detection of data carrier synchronization of CPM-DSSS based system is one of the requirements. This paper presents a joint algorithm for carrier frequency offset (CFO) and carrier phase offset (CPO) estimation for CPM-DSSS based P2P system. The results indicate that the proposed CFO estimator is unbiased and can accurately estimate a wide range of offsets. Moreover, the proposed algorithm is compared with another research work. The results show that the proposed CFO and CPO estimation algorithm outperforms its counterpart with a performance improvement of about 9 dB and above, respectively. The effectiveness of the proposed estimator in the Stanford University Interim (SUI)-1 multipath fading channel is also demonstrated. Finally, the proposed estimator?s bit-error-rate (BER) performance and computational complexity are also given for the CPM-DSSS P2P system.


Carrier frequency offset, wideband CPM-DSSS waveform of software defined radio, carrier synchronization, carrier phase offset, point-to-point communication

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