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The integration of wireless access networks has progressed rapidly in recent years. Within the mobile communication environment, the operator provides multiple interface options for the mobile node (MN) to switch its connection to any access network during mobility to achieve the quality of service (QoS) for various traffic classes. The conventional centralised mobility management (CMM) scheme lacks reliability, dynamic anchoring and a single point of failure. This stimulates the distributed mobility management (DMM) scheme to handle mobility at the access network rather in a centralised manner. Therefore, in this paper, an IEEE 802.21 media independent handover (MIH) enhanced fully DMM (MF-DMM) solution is proposed for real- and non-real-time constant and variable bit rate (CVBR) traffic classes for mobile internetworking applications. The performance factors of handover delay, packet loss rate, throughput and signalling overheads are compared with the existing CMM scheme. The simulation results prove that the presented MF-DMM technique considerably reduces the handover delay while switching to different access technologies and, thus, achieves seamless connection by managing mobile internet protocol (IP) traffic locally.


Dynamic mobility, handover, mobile internetworking, heterogeneous network, media independent handover, mobility management

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