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In this study, the modification of the Deb feasibility method is considered to solve the constrained optimization problems. In the developed modified Deb feasibility constraint method, the third rule in its procedure was revised in order to increase the performance of the Deb feasibility constraint handling method. The innovation in the method is based on generating a new individual by using both possible solutions that violate the constraints in the method used for solving the problem. In detail, discussions were given about the application and usefulness of six constrained handling techniques. Furthermore, genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization, Harris hawks optimization, whale optimization algorithm, grey wolf optimization and sine cosine algorithms were applied to both various benchmark functions and also different engineering application problems such as pressure vessel design, welded beam design, speed reducer design and active filter design. Overall the experimental results show that modified Deb feasibility constraint handling technique is more robust and efficient than Deb feasibility technique and most of the other constraint handling techniques.


Constraint handling methods, metaheuristic algorithms, Deb feasibility

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