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In this paper, a method to construct the line of sight rate of a target with a roll-pitch gimbal and tracker is described. Construction of line-of-sight rate is performed via utilizing a virtual pitch-yaw gimbal. Kinematics of both the roll-pitch and pitch-yaw gimbals are described. A dynamical model for the roll-pitch gimbal is developed, and a nested control structure is designed to control the angular rates and line of sight angles. A kinematic model of the tracker is developed and a tracker controller is designed to keep the target in the field of view. Conversion equations between roll-pitch and pitch-yaw gimbal configurations are provided. Finally, constructed line of sight rates are compared to true line of sight rates via simulations. Obtained results indicate that the constructed line of sight rates pertaining to a target satisfactorily converge to the actual line of sight rates.


Roll-pitch gimbal, virtual gimbal, line of sight rate, kinematic tracker model, gimbal dynamics, seeker control design

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