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Image forgery detection is one of the key challenges in various real time applications, social media and online information platforms. The conventional methods of detection based on the traces of image manipulations are limited to the scope of predefined assumptions like hand-crafted features, size and contrast. In this paper, we propose a fusion based decision approach for image forgery detection. The fusion of decision is based on the lightweight deep learning models namely SqueezeNet, MobileNetV2 and ShuffleNet. The fusion decision system is implemented in two phases. First, the pretrained weights of the lightweight deep learning models are used to evaluate the forgery of the images. Secondly, the fine-tuned weights are used to compare the results of the forgery of the images with the pre-trained models. The experimental results suggest that the fusion based decision approach achieves better accuracy as compared to the state-of-the-art approaches.


Image forensics, image forgery detection, deep learning, convolutional neural network

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