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Several remote sensing applications require high-spatial-high-spectral resolution multispectral (MS) images. However, most MS sensors provide low-spatial-high-spectral resolution MS images together with high-spatial-low-spectral resolution panchromatic (PAN) bands. In order to increase the spatial resolution of MS bands to the resolution of PAN images and to obtain high-spatial/spectral resolution MS bands, either MS and PAN images are fused (i.e., pansharpening) or super resolution (SR) is performed using MS bands only. Nevertheless, existing methods do not utilize the available temporal and spatial information together. In this paper, we propose a multiframe SR algorithm using high-spatial/spectral resolution MS images (i.e., pansharpened), taking advantage of both spatial and temporal data, in order to exceed the spatial resolution of the available PAN bands. We first employ a wavelet-based pansharpening method on a set of MS and PAN images captured at different times. Then, we utilize these pansharpened MS bands in a wavelet-based multiframe SR scheme. The proposed method reveals the inter-wavelet-subband relationship of multitemporal images for SR. We demonstrate our results with comparisons on a Landsat 7 ETM+ dataset.


Super resolution, discrete wavelet transform, pansharpening

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