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Optimal coordination of directional over-current relays (DOCRs) is a crucial task in ensuring the security and reliability of power system network. In this paper, a hybridization of an improved particle swarm optimization and linear programming (IPSO-LP) is proposed to solve DOCRs coordination problem. The considered decision variables in the optimization are plug setting current, time multiplier setting, type of relay, and type of curve. By considering these parameters in the optimization, the best relay operating time can be determined. Furthermore, the proposed technique also considered the continuous values of pick-up current setting (PSC) and time setting multiplier (TMS). Test on the IEEE 8 bus system has proven the effectiveness of the technique, where an improvement between 2.36% and 45.8% of total relay operating time can be observed as compared to other techniques in literature. In addition, the obtained settings of the DOCRs from the proposed technique have been verified using industrial software to make sure no setting that cause violation to the DOCRs operation.


Directional over-current relay, hybrid optimization, protection system, ımproved particle swarm optimization, linear programming

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