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Named data networking (NDN), as a future Internet architecture that is a promising alternative to TCP/IPnetworks, has the new features of connectionless, in-network cache, and hop-by-hop forwarding, which makes thecongestion control algorithms of traditional TCP/IP networks unable to be directly applied to NDN. In addition, sincethe optimal size of the sending window cannot be determined, the existing window-based congestion control algorithmsgenerally use the AIMD-like window adjustment algorithm, which cannot achieve the optimal throughput. In thispaper, we propose a precise feedback-based, multipath-aware congestion control algorithm PFECC, which is inspiredby Accel-Brake Control algorithm. PFECC considers the influence of Interest flows, uses a fair queuing algorithm atthe intermediate node to calculate the target rate of each flow, and gives accurate feedback on each dequeued datapacket. The consumer changes the size of the sending window according to the feedback to quickly converge to thetarget bandwidth. To fully exploit the hop-by-hop adaptive forwarding feature of NDN, each downstream node timelysenses the congestion trend of the upstream link to split the forwarding rate of Interest to avoid congestion. Simulationresults show that PFECC can effectively reduce transmission delay, treat each flow fairly, and converge to the bestthroughput faster.


Named data networking, congestion control, multipath forwarding, precise feedback

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