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he establishment of the analytical model of the rotor eccentric surface-mounted permanent magnet syn-chronous motor (SPMSM) with unequal magnetic poles structure will be beneficial to calculating the magnetic field andstudying noise characteristics quickly. Based on the equivalent surface current (ESC) method and equivalent boundarymethod, the analytical model of the rotor eccentric SPMSM with unequal magnetic poles structure is proposed. Duringthe modeling process, the magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet (PM) is obtained using the ESC method, andthe effect on the air gap magnetic field, which arised from stator, is replaced with the concentric current sheet (CCS)magnetic field. And, the analytical results of the magnetic field are confirmed by FEM. According to the analytical modelof the SPMSM, the effect on the noise characteristics, which resulted from rotor eccentricity, is researched. Moreover,the experiments of noise comparison are done. The results validate the validity of noise characteristic research. Then,the analytical model of the SPMSM is further verified.


Analytical method, rotor eccentricity, surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor (SPMSM), unequal magnetic poles structure, noise characteristics

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