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The unit commitment problem in power system is a highly nonlinear, nonconvex, multiconstrained, complex,highly dimensional, mixed integer and combinatorial generation selection problem. The phenomenon of committing anddecommitting represents a discrete problem that requires binary/discrete optimization techniques to tackle with unitcommitment optimization problem. The key functions of the unit commitment optimization problem involve decidingwhich units to commit and then to decide their optimum power (economic dispatch). This paper confers a binarygrasshopper optimization algorithm to solve the unit commitment optimization problem under multiple constraints.The grasshopper optimization algorithm is a metaheuristic, multiple solutions-based algorithm inspired by the naturalswarming behavior of grasshopper towards food. For solving the binary unit commitment optimization problem, thereal/continues value grasshopper optimization algorithm is mapped into binary/discrete search-space by using an S-shaped sigmoid function. The proposed algorithm is tested on IEEE benchmark systems of 4, 5, 6, 10, 20, 26, 40, 60,80, and 100 generating units including the IEEE 118-bus system and the results are compared with different classical,heuristics, metaheuristics, quantum, and hybrid approaches. The results confer better performance of binary grasshopperoptimization algorithm to solve the unit commitment optimization problem.


Heuristic, unit commitment, optimal scheduling, constraints handling, power operation, grasshopper optimization algorithm

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