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This study investigates a power allocation algorithm using blocklength estimation by the finite blocklength (FBL) regime in a multicarrier downlink nonorthogonal multiple access (NOMA) system for ultrareliable low latency communication (URLLC) that is one of the services in 5G networks, requiring exceedingly high reliability and low latency. As NOMA systems can boost the capacity and increase the spectrum efficiency, it can be considered as a solution for URLLC. A multicarrier downlink NOMA system using blocklength estimation based on the FBL regime is proposed for effective resource allocation in this study. The FBL is used to derive the equation for dynamic blocklength estimation for an efficient power allocation algorithm in multicarrier downlink NOMA systems. The proposed power allocation algorithm is compared with other power allocation methods in terms of blocklength, missed deadlines, and energy efficiency; it performed the best compared with the other methods.


URLLC, finite blocklength regime, NOMA, PSO, power allocation

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