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In this paper, the design of a new robust model reference adaptive PI (MRAC-PI) current controller is proposed for a two-stage grid connected photovoltaic (PV) inverter. Perturb & observe (P&O) algorithm is implemented in the boost part in order to extract the maximum power from the PV array. Firstly, the current dynamics with considering the system uncertainties are written in dq frame and are simplified by employing a decoupling system. Then, the MRAC-PI controller is designed based on a sliding mode control (SMC) to improve the robustness of the controller under system uncertainties. The parameters of PI controller are tuned based on SMC laws to track the desired reference model and provides fast and desirable dynamic response. The stability of the robust MRAC-PI is proven by using Lyapunov's theory and Barbalet's lemma. Finally, the performance of the proposed current controller and the conventional PI based voltage oriented control (VOC) during variations in filter inductance and solar irradiance are compared through simulation results. These results show the effectiveness of the proposed controller.


Grid connected photovoltaic inverter, robust model reference adaptive PI controller, sliding mode control, decoupling system, Lyapunov's theory

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