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Withthe completion of the 5G standardization efforts, the wireless communication world has now turned tothe road ahead, the future wireless communication visions. One common vision is that future networks will be flexible,or able to accommodate an even richer variety of services with stringent, often conflicting requirements. This ambitiousfeat can only be accomplished with a ubiquitous awareness of the radio and physical environment. To this end, thispaper highlights the importance of wireless sensing as a means for radio environment awareness and surveys wirelesssensing methods under different domains. Then, a review of wireless sensing from a standardization perspective is given.These standardization efforts will provide the initial landscape upon which research into future wireless sensing methodswill be built upon. Therefore, the paper is concluded by outlining imperative standardization requirements and futuredirections in wireless sensing.


6G, 802.11bf, joint radar and communication (JRC), radio environment mapping (REM), wireless sensing, WLAN sensing

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