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This paper proposes a new configuration for four-switch three-phase inverters based on a step-up switchedcapacitor cell, which is called switched-capacitor four-switch three-phase inverter (SCFSTPI). This converter includes eight power switches and two DC-link capacitors. Voltage step-up feature, high efficiency, integrated structure, and bidirectional power flow are the main contribution of this new configuration. A modified space vector modulation (SVM) strategy is presented to generate appropriate pulses for the converter. This modulation method also eliminates the effect of capacitors voltage imbalance problem on the inverter output voltage and current. Simulation and experimental results are presented and investigated to confirm the performance of this topology. Results validate the operation of the proposed topology and its modulation. SCFSTPI is applicable in electric vehicle (EV) drive systems and similar applications that need step-up inverters.

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