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This paper presents a reconfiguration-based hierarchical energy management for interconnected microgrids known as multimicrogrid system. The goal is to minimize the operational costs of different entities alongside with finding the best topology to minimize the active power loss, enhance reliability index, and improve the voltage level. The distribution network (DN) includes several dispatchable and undispatchable distributed energy resources, energy storage devices, and multiple microgrids (MGs). The first layer of the optimization process is executed by each MG operator and each MG performs local energy management. Each MG operator informs the DN operator about its optimal schedules. Finally, global energy management with reconfiguration in the network topology is done by the DN operator. The energy management problem is modeled as a mixed-integer nonlinear programming problem. Simulations on a modified IEEE 33-bus distribution test system with multiple MGs is performed in GAMS environment.


Reconfiguration, multimicrogrid systems, energy management

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