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In this paper, subsynchronous resonance (SSR) instability was accurately analyzed in doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind farms by the linearization of equations and modal analysis. In addition, the possibility of high compensation for the transmission lines connected to DFIG-based wind farms was provided using a SSR prevention controller (SSRPC). For this purpose, an SSRPC was connected to the output voltage of the grid side converter (GSC) of the DFIG. The GSC output voltage was selected as the connection point of the SSRPC because it directly affects the induction generator effect (IGE) and can be an inhibitor factor in its occurrence. Furthermore, using system dynamic equations and the participation factor, it was shown that the effective factor on subsynchronous mode was the capacitor series voltage of the line, considered an input signal to the SSRPC. To validate the performance of the proposed method, a simulation was performed based on the IEEE SSR first benchmark model using the software MATLAB/Simulink.


SSR, DFIG-based wind farm, SSR prevention controller, line series capacitor voltage

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