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Next generation ethernet passive optical network (NG-EPON) is a promising technology to cater huge bandwidth and efficient distribution demands of the future Internet services. IEEE working group has been doing efforts for the standardization of NG-EPON. Four wavelength channels of 25Gbps each are supported by NG-EPON for the transmission of optical network unit (ONU) traffic towards optical line terminal (OLT). Dynamic wavelength and bandwidth allocation (DWBA) algorithms are needed for the efficient arbitration of bandwidth resources between subscribers. In this paper, we have proposed a DWBA algorithm named as efficient bandwidth management algorithm (EBMA) for NG-EPON. EBMA has been designed to manage the diversified traffic requirements of different ONUs. EBMA performance is evaluated comparatively with modified IPACT (M-IPACT) and first fit (FF-DWBA) algorithms. EBMA for NG-EPON proves to be better on the basis of packet delay, packet drop ratio and grant utilization. Simulation results showed improved performance of EBMA in comparison with M-IPACT and FF-DWBA algorithms.


NG-EPON, dynamic wavelength and bandwidth allocation (DWBA), packet delay, packet drop ratio, grant utilization

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