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Static var compensators (svcs) are widely used to compensate for reactive power in a system. The hybrid active power filter (hapf) in combination with svc has extensively been studied in the literature to reduce harmonics generated by the svc. This study proposes a new topology of svc for three-phase systems based on a three-phase thyristor-control reactor (tcr). The harmonics generated by the tcr are minimized by an active power filter (apf), which can be realized by a reduced resonant capacitor size. A control strategy comprising feedback and feedforward control is employed to achieve good harmonic reduction and fast transient response. Simulated and experimental results are presented to validate the theoretical analysis and performance of the proposed topology and control scheme. The results show that the proposed topology can mitigate the harmonics generated by the tcr.


Static var compensators (svc), active power filters (apf), feedback control, feedforward control, dc-link control

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