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Distribution networks (DNs) are gradually changing and this makes their control and utilization complicated. State estimation (SE) plays a significant role in active distribution networks. The performance of the energy management center in modern distribution networks is highly dependent on the results obtained from the SE. In the present study, considering the shortage of measurements in the DN, a two-step state estimation method with a new network reduction process (NRP) is proposed. In the proposed method, a new NRP is used in a two-step state estimation method to improve the performance of SE in a DN. Obtaining accurate initial information on the network condition improves the performance of SE. The initial SE is performed using a new NRP process to obtain accurate initial data. This information is used as the measurement to improve the performance of secondary SE. This method resolves the shortage of accurate measurements and redundancy measurements, and it improves network SE accuracy without adding any real-time measurement. Moreover, the proposed method is economically affordable. Simulations are performed on the 18-bus UK radial feeder and the IEEE 69-bus distribution network in MATLAB software to guarantee valid operation of the proposed style.


Distribution network, meters placement process, network reduction process, state estimation, two-step state estimation, weighted least squares error

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